Topics this time: merging our Future of Manufacturing community, costs of robots vs. employees, two unicorns and one bankruptcy, many new investments in Q1 2022.
Topics this time: 2021 in review, updated I4.0 landscape, industrial cybersecurity, one massive and one canceled IPO, and a few acquisitions.
Topics this time: 5 filters of digital transformation, growth of the industrial tech ecosystem, supply crunch, the best-of-breed manufacturing tech…
Topics this time: the hiring and talent crunch in automotive, made-to-order electrical vehicles, a new Industry 4.0 unicorn on the horizon, and how to…
Topics this time: a new course, shortage of semiconductors, AMR acquisitions, sustainability in manufacturing, and the shift from products to services.
Topics this time: our new course, robots, robots, robots, software migration to the cloud, several growth rounds, and two industrial software…
Topics this time: movement in the cloud MES market, OEMs own software schools, developer tools for robotics, and a few more funding rounds.
Topics this time: two industrial unicorns, two big acquisitions, ten future roles in manufacturing, and one IPO.
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